A talk on WebVR and A-Frame at GDG DevFest, Bengaluru !

I applied to be a speaker at this DevFest, the same one I attended since my first year of Engineering. A participant then, to a speaker now (in final year), I feel privileged and proud about this development !

As always, I've loved the Techspeakers program. Even more, now !

The talk lasted for around 15 min and I walked the audience through the basics, followed by some advanced topics of WebVR and the A-Frame framework. The audience consisted of developers and designers from varying platforms and all of them were amused to realise the ease with which one could develop VR websites using just HTML.

The response was good, and I got a lot of positive feedback ! A couple of people had their queries, some of which I could answer, and some others, were out of my league, so I took their contact and promised to get back with an answer !

Overall, I enjoyed speaking about the technology I'm very much in love with and I look forward to talk in a lot of other tech conferences in future !

Here's a video of my talk.