Remote talk for Chattanooga Developers Lunch !

While by exploration of WebVR was still in continuation, there came a ping one fine day ! It was Dietrich, asking me if I could give a remote WebVR talk to a group of developers at Chattanooga, at a meetup named ChaDev - sometimes known as Chattanooga Developers Lunch. Here's a link to the meetup:

I readily agreed, but he asked my conformance one more time, said it was the eastern timezone which was way different from the Indian one, that probably, I might even be talking at midnight.

If there's one thing that I'm learning as a speaker, it is to deal with timezones and jet-lags in case of travel. These might be really easy to talk about, but the one time it hit me real hard was when I had a talk to deliver. No, of course, I'm not talking about the ChaDev talk ;) it's just a general thought and learning.

So, for this talk, a date and time was fixed. As expected, it was almost midnight for me and while everyone else in the country slept in silence, I was very enthusiastically teaching this amazing technology to the people from a completely different part of the globe. Isn't this just awesome to even think of !

The content was old for me, but the format, that is, a remote talk, was a first for me. I didn't give it a lot of thought earlier but when I started to speak, I realised that, it's just slides that the speaker gets to see. Suddenly, the situation is so awkward because you think you are speaking to yourself, that too in the middle of the night. I had to ask the audience if they were following and told them to interrupt me if there was some technical issue and I wouldn't realise. Knowing the facts about my environment, gave the audience some good input as they probably weren't thinking that I looked insane.

It was live streamed, here:

The talk received a great response, with the hosts giving me an invitation to speak again whenever I wished to.  Here's some feedback I received: