Another day, another workshop on WebVR and AFrameVR. It was beautiful city on the west coast of India by the name Mangalore. It was a hot and humid day and the college campus was so big that it was tiring to even walk around in that climate.

We started off in one of the auditoriums, with a whopping crowd of more than a hundred people.

It was an introductory talk followed by a hands-on workshop and later a mini-hackathon with three winning positions. The audience were clearly excited about the topic and engaged throughout the full day session. Well, not just students, there were professors too, who were actively involved and were themselves working on their systems.

The whole day was great fun with all the students actively participating in the hackathon and the Q/A. Oh, and did I mention, we also had a small trivia quiz on Mozilla, swags were worth it ;)

 The guys who bagged the first prize, was awarded an A-Frame tshirt from the MozActivate swag pack. He made a scene which he called "Heavenly gardens". He used a variety of materials, images, models and other assets to make it look very realistic ! The following is a screenshot of it !

This event was totally worth travelling all the way to another city for the single day workshop :)