3 months of "Constant" mentorship by "Konstantina"

So, it's been three months since Konstantina turned a Reps mentor and chose me as her first mentee !

Here's a summary of my experience :

Initially, when I was told that K (as I call her sometimes, of course with the right permissions) was going to be my mentor for the reps program, my first thoughts were me being super excited because I had worked with her at the Mozilla India meetup and knew that she was super sweet ! Next thing, I was worried because I thought the difference in our origins (Greece / India) might be a little of a problem as I had never worked so closely with someone from a different country !

Turns out, she's very sweet, more than I first thought and always ready to help out. She's strongly bound by the love for open source and the community ! In our first meeting (over vidyo) , I was a little nervous for reasons unknown to me, but in just the next call, I found myself planning to invite Konstantina to my undecided future wedding :D :D

That's how it is, we talk about culture, we talk about the community, the awesome work people are doing out there and how I can do similar stuff ! Honestly, she is also the most encouraging and supportive person i've seen ! ( I might be biased in this statement as I've not worked with all the people in the community)

I had my fears at the beginning of this journey of training as a rep, with K, like unknowingly annoying her or something like that ! Although, I still am a lil scared of her, it's a lot different now, I can ping her literally anytime and ask about stuff ! She gives an almost instant reply, and if she doesn't know it herself, she makes sure to direct me to the right source !

I almost always fail to be present at the correct schedule for the meetings, which I sure am working on ! I hope K is not too much annoyed about that bit, yet !

Our meetings, which happen once a month are great ! It's rich in content and I don't have to refer anything at all if I've asked K to explain it to me. She's patient, talks to people in the way that'll make them understand better aaaaaand, her suggestions are soo valuable ! (Did you know, I've been working on "not shouting" in a call? ;) )

The Reps program has been great for me, in these past three months ! There are lovely people out there in the community doing awesome things.  I hope to make some great and meaningful contributions in the coming days, weeks, months and years, of course with the support of my mentor !

Me and K don't have a picture yet, that I could share ! :(