Maker Party '16 - Session 2

As mentioned in my previous post, we had the second session of the #MakerPartyblr16 today !

The agenda was to teach the kids HTML, build a dream website of their choice in real time and then use X- Ray goggles to hack the news website.  Me and Subhrajyoti conducted this session for the 5th and 6th grade kids.

Planning pad: Google docs link

It went on very well and the kids enjoyed it very much.

We started off by teaching them the basics of HTML and introduced them to various tags. 

They followed this very well. We then started off hands on using Sublime Text. Every one typed in the basic tags and made a basic website.

We were behind expected schedule, hence we started off the Hack the News activity. We helped the kids install goggles on Firefox browser. Then they chose a news website and had too much fun changing the headlines. We got to see some of the wittiest, crazy and creative headlines ! We also made sure they published it, after creating a thimble account.

Here are some of the best makes: