The video shoot.

It was just another weekly club meeting and we decided to have shoot a video featuring all the members of the club. We planned to showcase the very essence of the club through this video.

A lot of pre-requisites were to be taken care of - venue, camera & accessories, direction, editing, script and stuff like that. We managed to get things in the right place at the right time and our video was ready. We were really happy that it came out well.

After a rapid sharing of the video over the social media, it won many accolades from important people at Mozilla, like Sara Hagdooshti, Jochai Ben- Avie, George Roter, Santosh Vishvanatham, Harsha Vardhan and many more.

The first day following the shoot saw the release of the teaser. It can be found here

Later, in the following day, we released the complete video. It can be found here

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