Me? I'm an extrovert.

Staged for the first time ever in the history of Mozilla, the Leadership Summit at Singapore did stand out to do what it meant to ! 

My high expectations and this being my first international endeavour, also instilled a  little amount of anxiousness in me. 

Time zones (India - Singapore)

With inspiration in my head and excitement in my heart I headed to Singapore, oh what a beautiful place and ParkRoyal hotel, where we stayed, was one of those super executive hotels which you mostly see in those Hollywood movies !

Although, the event was two-day long, I made sure to take full advantage of my first international trip by staying two days extra. Trust me, it was totally worth it ! :D A night before the actual summit, there was a welcome dinner and it was so collaborative and inspiring to meet great contributors from all corners of the world that we paid little attention to what was served for dinner ! Though, super tasty it was ;) George, Faye, Havi, Flore, Robby, Rizky, Alifiyah, Christos, Emma, Flaki, Ioana,  Biraj, Mayur, Francisco, Bala, Shagufta, Pushpita, Priyanka, Ankit, Siddharth, Vishal, Tanay, Shreyas and many many others (sorry, if I missed your name) !! It was like all those virtual telegram names came live :D It was super exciting to talk to all of them.

The first day of the summit started off quite early in the morning with sleepy, gloomy faces everywhere, only until Rosana made us do all those ZUMBA steps ;) The leadership summit mainly aimed at two outlining tracks:

1) Campus Campaign
2) Connected Devices

I "obviously" chose the Campus Campaign track as I relate more with its objectives. The events kicked off and one by one as the sessions unfolded, I realised what a great impact the open source giant is yearning to make on the lives of people globally. The privacy concerns and the safety of the people online, importance of the open web, all these were portrayed in a super awesome and inspiring way, the way I did not think of them before !

Another round of introductions followed ! Too many awesome people to name :D

Each activity, while concentrating on the broader goal of being accommodated in one of the tracks, also trained us individually in various aspects of life - tech talks, public speaking, collaboration, rapid brain storming were the key ones among them !

The second day was different. After attending the regular, chosen track of Campus Campaign till lunch, me and Harsha planned to attend the Connected Devices track for the rest of the day( Shh.. don't tell anyone ;) ) We wanted to grab it all ! It was all worth it, though we continued to keep track on the activities going on in the other hall too :D Connected Devices was concerned with IOT and Mozilla being involved there !


The customary WoMoz meetup and FSA meetup happened somewhere between the two days ! All goals reviewed, problems spotted, solutions made. All caught up there !! Again, it was super cool to know the various activities people from all over the world had conducted in their respective regions, as part of this program ! :) Wow ! Great learning there.


At the end of the second day, as secretly planned, there was a thanksgiving for Francisco ! Dealing with logistics concerned such a huge crowd from different regions, different diversities from all over the world is definitely not an easy job. I hoped he liked the wine glasses ;)

All's well that end's well ! The farewell dinner at Lei Garden Restaurant Chijmes was set up really well, we ate to our heart's extent, though, most of the time not exactly knowing what went in ! Hahah..

And oh ! Wondering about the title? Yeah ! That's what the results of my personality test say ! :D Check yours here : ! It was great to see how like minded people worry about similar things, all hands-on :D My personality type is a "Debater" with ENTP- T. Tell me if you get the same ;)

At the outset, I would like to thank Santosh, Harsha, Akshay, Faye, Mayur, Sumanth, Bala, Tanay and Vishal to put up with my crap at all times and giving me lasting memories and nostalgia to carry on forever ! :D You guys are awesome #MozMentals ;)

PC: Harsha Vardhan

Did I tell you that these people voted me the best photographer and suggested me to open a photography page ! Hahahah lol !

At the end, I realised there were a few more people I missed out on meeting ! See you next time :D