" Engineering and Beyond " - Moz at Gitam !

Gitam was one of those newly established universities in the city. Apparently, I knew the HOD of the CSE department there. After a couple of brief discussions about Mozilla and contributions to it with him, he felt a pressing need to make people of his campus aware about the FSA programme and the contributions to Mozilla beyond it.

I readily agreed because the basic idea about both MLN and the FSA programme, both of which I was involved in, was to spread the awareness, build the community and teach them the web.

It was a very brief session on a working day, hence we kept it simple. I was joined by one of my club members, Sharath to talk about the open web.

In just a few hours that we got, we addressed to over a 100 people from the department of Computer Science alone. All of their queries regarding how to set up a club and how to start core contributions were presumably answered well !

Honest feedbacks made way and yay, they all were inspired, after all ! They promised that the club is soon to happen. After a brief session of networking over lunch, we signed off until next time.