Firefox OS - Bus Tour !

The new Firefox OS is just launched and the bus is already on a tour across the country. I was selected as the regional coordinator to host the bus in Bangalore, India.

As we waited at the PESIT- Bangalore South campus, for the arrival of the bus, we the ground team at Bangalore had some very interactive introductions. We got to know each other and how each one of us were very proud of our association with Mozilla.

The bus arrived with a bunch of super enthusiastic individuals from all over the country. Such a diverse mix of cultures from a single country. We all discussed the plan for the day and started off discussions and promotions about the Firefox OS in the campus we were in. 

Little did I know that the Foxy accompanied us to. It was for the first time, that I actually saw the Mascot live right in front of me. It was the cutest thing ever.

We continued touring in the city through the day, occasionally stopping at different prospective spots to promote the Firefox OS. At the end of the day, we went to JAAGA, a place which cultivates innovation and entrepreneurship. It was awesome to see quadracopters and many other new technologies live in action.

We wrapped up the journey with farewells over a calm dinner.