La Mia Squadra @ MVIT MOZILLIANS !

The name I have immense proud for being associated with !
It all started way back in the month of August. It was the first month of my college and as a fresher I didnt know anything about the happenings in the college..
One day when I was randomly browsing through the web I found this link to the " Firefox Student Ambassador " program, it sounded really exciting so within seconds I filled the form and got a confirmation email as well.

What Next?

I had no idea of how to start it off..   I made an attempt to re-examine many of the cultural norms that I had previously accepted as just being "the natural order of things." So I met some eminent people who could guide me further on this... and in just seconds they brushed the whole thing off giving me every reason to consider it as a spam mail. What else ! I was sort of convinced but a little dissappointed !

After a break of a few weeks, by the end of September the topic flashed up again as I got a contact of two senior students of my college (Sagar and Shivgangadhar) who also claimed themselves as being Firefox Student Ambassadors and were trying for an official nod to the program. So I too jumped in with 'em and few others (Vaitheeswaran, Pradeep etc )did that too and all of us together were successful in officially setting up the club "MVIT MOZILLIANS". The HOD of the ISE/CSE department Mr. Dilip.K.Sen has been kind enough to support us in all our endeavors.

Then came my first video of the club !

They talked of OPEN SOURCE ! ... but I had a very wee idea of what it actually means !
One of the paths I took to expand my awareness about it to wiki and google it ! I also read about the Mozilla's noble mission and its offerings. 

Now, it was time to introduce our club to our fellow students of the college ! Time for the INAUGURAL EVENT. Everyone of us involved with the club worked hard to fix a date for the event but at the college had already pre-fixed a chain of event for approximately the whole month. Finally we fixed the event to be on the 30th of October !

Everything went as per the plan until a day before the event when everything one by one started to fall out of place. One of our efficient guest speaker Mr. Akash Devraju  (OpenSUSE Ambassador(India) at Novell ) cancelled his presence in the event due to a prior engagement related to work. Also due to some technical lapse we had to change the venue of the event but somewhere deep inside with still had that piece of belief left. We had one more eminent speaker Mr. NagaSahas Dasa ( Raised a bug in for which Mozilla got a bug bounty and attended the Mozsummit 2013 ).

I then created a promotional video for the event !


And the EVENT DAY...
Everyone contributed some or the other way to the event.I made a few videos (as that was the simplest thing i could do on my part and still claim for having done something ;) ), Mahima being the host of the day, Shivgangadhar made a presentation about open source, Vaitheeswaran and Harinder hosted quite an interesting LOGO QUIZ with a theme of promoting open source and many gave interesting talks.Our Faculty Advisors:
Mr. Ramesh Timmarasu and Mrs.Vani Priya have been quite benevolent and encouraging!

The event ended with one of the videos I made...

 The overall event went on well considering it was our first ever event for "MVIT MOZILLIANS".

We are now looking forward to conducting some cool workshops most probably by Feb 2014.