Mozilla India Meetup - 2016 #MInM2016

"It's been an overwhelming experience", is what most of them expressed on the various Social Media channels. Indeed, it was.

My first Pan India meetup since I joined Mozilla as a contributor, way back in 2013. It was a good fit to learn so many new things, share ideas, discover contribution pathways and most importantly understand the concept of "Diversity" to the depth !

Yes, diversity ! Coz, that is what best describes the Mozilla India Community ! People are from various backgrounds, situations, traditions, geographical parts of the country and you, for once, get that #IncredibleIndia feeling from within.

I have a defence background, so its not new for me to meet people from various regions. But, here, it was different. All these people people were up for a common cause, to "make the web a better place" -> That's the most philosophical line I've heard in the tech domain, but the hype around that phrase is totally worth it !

The broad focus of the meetup was to bring about a tweak in the structure of the Mozilla India community, it seems that we were increasingly being inefficient in coordinating our efforts towards Mozilla. Hence, the restructure.

But what good would it be, if a group of people spent a couple of months planning for such a huge meetup which brought together the contributors from different sub communities of India, at a single platform, and not utilising it for some greater good? Nah ! Mozillians are smart enough ! We had many sessions focused on personal development, leadership lessons and also on the various hot things happening at Mozilla.

We brainstormed, discussed, understood the restructure proposal. Iterated, reiterated and finally we had the final draft ready ! It was two full (FULL, as in, I mean it.) days of collaboration with some fruitful work towards bringing about a better change in our community ! Lots of them were very new contributors and the high enthusiasm levels very visibly nostalgic :D

I'm not including any details of the restructure as they are available at a number of sources. We also live streamed the whole event (A big thanks to Tripad for taking this up)

I've also not included any names of the Mozillians, who have had a major role to play in making this event a success as mere mention in a blog will not equate the worth of their efforts ! Looking forward to some great contributions from a BIG community, that's Mozilla India !