Take Back The Web - Local Coach Experience !

It was time to put the Campus Campaign by the Participation team, into action. But since it was the first time, it was experimental !

I applied to be a local coach who could guide a number of Campus teams through the campaign. I got selected and was under Christos Bacharakis (staff mentor). We were a group of 13 local coaches who met weekly (over hangout calls) to discuss the concerns and strategies towards good mentorship, leading to fruitful results !

I had 12 campus teams to mentor and it went on fine, but not too well. The kids at India had exams at the same time and hence could not meet the deadlines ! Also, as it was experimental, there was a lil' lack of coordination and everyone was confused by the end.

Although, I hope the next campaign for the campuses definitely incorporates the loopholes in the first one and we all shall contribute our best to it !