Avant - Garde Mozilla Club ! (Club Captain - new journey)

So, after teaching about the web at many events and making up a few teaching kits, I realised, I could probably do this MLN contribution better if I had an official registered Mozilla Club.

Shreyas Narayanan mentored me and made me understand how a Mozilla club is a lot different compared to a Firefox Club. He told me how MLN is now working along with the l10n and the advocacy teams to bring about learning to a globally large set of audience. It was all very amusing and interesting to help out people and explain them about the importance of privacy over the internet and how Mozilla is helping them achieve it via the different add-ons and tools in the Firefox browser !

After many discussions over Telegram, I applied for the club and yay, I'm the club captain of the Mozilla Club which I named as Avant-Garde Mozilla Club, which basically means innovation among the people, which is exactly what I aimed the club to do.

So, time to shift all MLN stuff to the officially set up mainstream Mozilla Club. More and more contributions to pour in soon :)

BTW, please check out my club on the official page here.