Moz setup at BMSIT - Bangalore

It was just another boring Thursday when my ex- lecturer called up. He was now at another college around mine, continuing to teach awesome lessons in Microprocessors. Mr. Shankar Rajagopal had always been a favourite teacher for many, including me, at my campus !

He wanted me to give a talk in their campus and help them set up a Firefox Students Club. Sure, he had seen many of my posts about media on the social network. I readily agreed, obviously ! It was just the following day that I was picked from my campus, along with me were two my club members (Akshay and Shambhavi), damn right, everyone does need an exposure. Some were giving me an opportunity and in turn I was doing the same, to some others !

BMSIT, it was. Their campus was huge with a lush of greenery and the next moment we found ourselves in their cool Auditorium. What a huge crowd it was, for a moment we got a little panicky as  it was totally unexpected.

It was a post lunch session and we felt a need to have the customary "Mozilla reaching out to the open web" exercise ;)

Soon after people settled, we kicked off the session, quite informally though. All three of us spoke about a variety of stuff at Mozilla and open source. Why was it important and how Firefox made things a lot easier. We also had some quiz sessions where people won loads of swags. The most trickiest question, as always was that the animal in the logo of Firefox was a Red Panda and not a fox :D

I also spoke extensively about the campus campaign and how Mozilla was trying to bring privacy matters to a common man, through this campaign. This, according to their feedback was the most interesting session among all others, in the day's talk.

The students there were a very enthusiastic lot. They asked a ton of queries regarding the whole structure of the FSA programme, which we were of course more than happy to answer. After the talk, we had a friendly high tea where most of them networked with all the three of us clearing off more and more doubts they had in their minds regarding how stuff works at Mozilla.

Finally, it was hard to believe that we inspired them so much so that even before we left the venue, they readily made a list of people who'll be setting up a club and handed over the list to us. They are now working on conducting an event under the privacy campaign. I'm looking forward to joining them for their future events !