Moz at Pesit-BSC (Ingenious Hack 2015)

This post is a little late than it should be. Exams is what I would blame it on ! :|

It so happened that our Mr. RAL, Abhiram Ravikumar, pinged me one fine day to ask if I could be part of the Moz stall at a hackathon that their campus was hosting, Ingenious Hack- 2015. I was free and I agreed. It was no later than a week that I received an official mail from the Ingenious team, inviting me as a mentor ( Wow ! I dunno how highly Abhiram would have spoken of me, at his campus;) )

We went on a fine Saturday, what a huge audience it was, spread out into two auditoriums. Some great minds hacking their way to victory. There were about 8 of us at the Mozilla stall and we managed to put up a couple of standees.

Our basic motto was to get people to know about Mozilla and the Open web and also, get them involved with the FSA program. It was huge fun. We got to interact with a lot of people and oh their interactive queries helped really get into the actual challenges faced by students in setting up such clubs at their campuses !

We got in about a ton of students to register for the program, right there on the machines we put up in the stall, most of the others promised to delve more into the program and explore opportunities !

After a guided tour around the campus (which was really cool and big), we all dispersed until next time :)